The Members and Groups page allows you to search and view the residents in your community. The page lists users in alphabetical order by first name by default, but you may also search for residents using the search by name function or the lettered buttons at the top of the page.

Finding a Resident

The easiest and most straight-forward way to find a resident is to search for the person by name, email, or phone number using the Member Search module on the right side of the page. You may search by first name, last name, or both.

You may also filter out members using the lettered buttons at the top of the page. Selecting the letter A will present only residents with a first name that starts with A.

If you are wanting to locate a resident using their property address, you can view a list of all properties by selecting the "View Properties" button (direct link).

Inviting a Resident

To invite a resident, follow our guide here.  Only Community Leadership can invite new members.

Member Profile

Each resident has a profile page that presents all the information about that person. Below is a screenshot of a sample member profile.  Community Leaders will see additional options only available to them such as the option to message or charge the resident.

Information Privacy - Controlling what is displayed to other Residents

You can control what personal contact information is displayed to other residents such as your email address, phone number, and mailing address. To change these preferences, visit the My Account page and select the Edit button in the module containing your contact information.

Member Groups

Groups of residents can be created and managed in Communitrak.  Each member group will have their own area that includes a member-only bulletin board and cloud drive.

The group owner can add members to the group, share documents, and control the group bulletin board.  
Member groups can also be used by Community Leadership to send group-specific messages and charges.

Create a New Member Group

To create a new member group, navigate to the Members & Groups page and click the New Group button in the Member Groups panel.

Community Roles & Titles

Members within your community may have specific roles or titles such as HOA President, Treasurer, Secretary, Board Member, etc. These roles and titles can be added to member profiles in Communitrak and printed adjacent to member names in the directory, bulletin board, and most places a member's name is displayed. 

To add a role or title to a member's profile, visit their profile page and click the pencil icon next to "Role in Community." The default title is "Resident," but this can be changed to any title utilized in your community.

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