This page allows you to make changes to your account and household.

Your Information

  • All of your information lives in the main, center panel.  You can add a profile photo of yourself to help other residents recognize you better.  
  • To make changes to your information, select the Edit button.  Not all your information can be changed.  If you need assistance changing your information, please chat with Communitrak Support.

Communication Preferences

  • You can choose which methods Communitrak uses to communicate with you for different account activities.  Simply switch the slider on or off for each preference.

Household Members

  • If you are a Head of Household, you can add members to your household and update existing members.

Add a Member to Your Household

  • To add a member to your household, simply click the Add button in the Household Members panel and provide the requested information in the new window.
  • Once you submit this information, a confirmation email will be sent to the new member.  Once the activation link in the email as been clicked, the new account will become active.

Edit Existing Members

  • If edit an existing member, find the member you want to edit in the Household Members panel and select the pencil icon.  A new window will open where you can view and make changes to the member's information.
  • This is where you can provide or take away charging privileges for the member.  Providing charging privileges allows the member to make charges to the household payment method on file without permission from you.
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