Getting started with Communitrak can be overwhelming. We created this support article to help make the adoption process as streamlined as possible. Below you'll find step-by-step guidance on how to get everything setup and ready for residents.


If you haven't already, create a Communitrak account for your community by visiting and select "Create Account" in the communities box. Following the prompts will create an account for your community and an account for you. This will automatically designate you as a Community Leader and as the primary point of contact for your community.


The next step you'll want to take is configuring preferences specific to your community. Preferences include things like enabling/disabling modules, setting who is responsible for payment processing fees, and theming and branding of the Communitrak interface. This can all be done by selecting My Community from the main navigation menu and then selecting Community Preferences. A shortcut is below. 

Important things to note:

  • Black Curtain: Enabling this feature will allow residents join your community on Communitrak but blocks their ability to login and access content. This gives community leaders time to prepare and customize the system for their community while keeping residents from logging in until everything is fully set up and ready. It is up to the community to notify residents when the black curtain has been disabled and they are able to log in.
  • Communication Preferences: Any messages or emails sent from your community via Communitrak will be sent from the email address you provide. If a resident replies to a message, the message will be routed to this email address. If no email is provided, communications will be sent from a no-reply address.
  • Appearance and Branding: Customize and align the Communitrak user interface with your community's brand standards. If your community has a specific/official color, please message us. We'd be happy to add it as an option!

A more detailed guide on configuring community preferences can be found here.


Before inviting residents to join Communitrak, you'll need to provide some additional legal information about your community and appoint an HOA Representative. This information includes things like the HOA's legal name, EIN / tax ID, and official address. If your community will be using Communitrak to process payments, some additional information may be required. Please follow the link below to provide the required legal information.
A more detailed guide on this section can be found here.


Configuring community preferences and providing the additional legal information as outlined above are the most important things to take care of before inviting residents to join Communitrak. 

Other things you may want to do before inviting residents include:

  • Upload documents such as the community covenants to the Cloud Drive - Click here for a guide.
  • Add the amenities in your community so that residents can view hours and make reservations  - Guide coming soon
  • Create events on the community calendar for upcoming meetings or community events - Click here for a guide.
  • Post a welcome message to the community bulletin board - Click here for a guide.
  • Create member groups (i.e. Community Club, etc.) so that you can add residents to them as they join - Guide coming soon. Click here to create a group.
  • Add your profile picture so that residents can quickly recognize your posts -


Once you've walked through all the steps above, you're ready to begin inviting residents to join! Click here for a more detailed guide on how to invite residents and the different ways to do so.

🎉 That's it! If you have questions about any of the steps above, please reach out to us! We want to make sure your experience with Communitrak is the best it can be.

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