Communitrak helps streamline the management of the amenities in your community by providing a self-service experience for residents available 24/7. This guide is specifically for Community Leaders. If you're a resident, you'll want to view the resident guide to amenities here.

Creating an Amenity

  • Navigate to the Amenities page.
  • In the Amenity Management panel, select New Amenity. A direct link to this page is here.
  • On this page, you'll provide information about the amenity including the amenity name, type, operating status, operating hours, and whether residents can reserve the amenity. Here's a screenshot showing this page:
  • Once all the information has been provided, save the amenity by clicking the Save Amenity button at the bottom of the page. For more information about each of the information fields requested on this page, see Amenity Parameters below.

Amenity Parameters

Amenity Name

Provide the amenity name. Examples include "Shade Pool," "Jacuzzi," Volleyball Court," and "Fitness Center."

Amenity Type

Select the type of amenity you are adding. Options include Golf Course, Pool, Court, Building, and Dining, among others.

Allow Members to create events on Amenity Calendar?

This option allows you to select residents have the ability to create events on the amenity's calendar. Each amenity has its own calendar separate from the main community calendar.

Current Status

This option allows you to select whether the amenity follows the normal, posted hours or is closed. If closed, you may provide a reason which will be displayed to residents.

Amenity Hours

You may provide the operating hours of the amenity. Selecting each text box will reveal a time selector. Note that you may also copy and paste times into each box for days they are the same.

Accept Reservations?

You may select whether this amenity can be reserved. Selecting yes will reveal more options regarding reserving the amenity.

Limiting Reservations based on Occupancy Limits

In light of policies and guidance from health officials regarding physical distancing and the reopening of public spaces, many amenities may have specific occupancy limits. Communitrak can help easily manage this. To simplify these changes, we've embedded guidance directly on the Edit Amenity page. For additional support and explanations of specific terms, view our Amenity Reservations & Occupancy Limits support article.

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