In light of new policies and guidance from health officials regarding social distancing and the reopening of public spaces, many amenities will have specific occupancy limits this season. We have introduced some new options that will help make this as simple and streamlined as possible for both Community Leaders and Residents.

Once configured, Communitrak will automatically ensure the maximum occupancy limit is maintained by dynamically limiting the number of people per reservation time window.

Recommended Usage & Configuration

For amenities such as pools with occupancy limits, we recommend setting reservation durations to 2-3 hours. This helps rotate residents and ensure everyone has an opportunity to enjoy the amenity. The amenity in the screenshot below is setup in this way.

Note the number of entries remaining for each time window in the screenshot above. Communitrak dynamically limits reservations to ensure the maximum occupancy is never exceeded. It is up to residents (honor system) or an amenity attendant to ensure residents vacate the amenity at the end of their reservation time window to allow the next group to enter without exceeding the maximum occupancy. (See the FAQ at the bottom of this page for more suggestions and guidance).

Configuring Amenity Occupancy Limits

  • Login to Communitrak, and navigate to the Amenities page.
  • Select an amenity to expand the dropdown of available options.
  • Select Edit Amenity Details.
  • Once on the Amenity Details page, scroll down until you see the Reservation Details section.
  • Ensure Accept Reservations is toggled to "Yes."
  • Under Reservation Format, select Allow multiple reservations per time window with a maximum occupancy. This will reveal the Maximum Occupancy text box.
  • In the Maximum Occupancy text box, provide the maximum number of people permitted at or in the amenity. The maximum occupancy will be maintained automatically by dynamically limiting the number of people per reservation during each time window. (Be sure to account for employees or attendants to ensure you remain under the legal limit, if applicable in your region.)
  • Select the Save Changes button to save these changes.

Once you complete these steps, residents can begin reserving amenities based on the maximum occupancy limit. Communitrak will ensure the maximum occupancy limit is maintained by dynamically limiting the number of people per reservation time window. For example, if the maximum occupancy for the Shade Pool is 28 people, and 4 people have reserved the 12:00pm-2:00pm time window, only 24 more people may create a reservation for that time window.


How will switching to this new reservation format affect existing reservations?

Existing reservations will not be altered upon switching to this reservation format. However, if an existing reservations is in place to reserve the entire amenity, we recommend creating an event on the amenity's calendar that blocks reservations from being made during that time frame. This will ensure other parties cannot create reservations during the same time window as the existing reservation. Otherwise, the existing reservation will remain, and other parties will be able to create new reservations for that time window until the occupancy limit is reached.

How can we schedule time for the amenity to be cleaned between groups?

If the amenity needs to be cleaned between groups / reservation time windows, we recommend extending the reservation duration by the time needed to perform the cleaning. Example: If residents are allowed to enjoy the amenity for 3 hours, and it takes 30 minutes to clean the amenity, set the reservation duration to 210 minutes. It would be up to the residents or an amenity attendant to ensure the residents vacate the amenity after 3 hours so that cleaning can take place before the next group of residents arrive 30 minutes later.

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