This guide provides guidance on how to void or mark a charge as paid. This is useful if a resident pays the charge using a check, cash, or other payment method outside of Communitrak.

This guide assumes you have already assessed the charge to the resident. For support on how to assess charges, click here.

How to Void or Mark a Charge as Paid:

If a resident pays the HOA using a payment method outside of Communitrak, you can mark the charge as paid so their account remains current.

Login to Communitrak (link).

  • STEP 1: Click the "View all Properties" button from the Leader Actions & Info panel on the Dashboard.
  • STEP 2: Find and select the property with the charge. This will display the property's profile page, which includes financial activity.
  • STEP 3: You'll most likely see the transaction you're looking for under "Recent Transactions." If not, you can select "View all Activity."
  • STEP 4: Once you locate the transaction, click the ( i ) icon to display transaction info.
  • In the Activity Details window, you will see the option to mark the charge as paid as well as the option to void the charge.
  • Selecting "Mark as Paid" will reveal form fields requesting the payment method, reference info, and any pertinent notes. Selecting "Void Charge" will void the charge.

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