Customizing Communitrak’s Appearance

The appearance of Communitrak can be customized to meet the standards of your community’s brand. This article provides guidance on how to configure these preferences.

Step 1: Login & Navigate to Community Preferences

Log in to Communitrak by visiting and providing your email and password. Once logged in, select “Community” and “Preferences” from the navigation bar.

Step 2: Configure Logo

In the Appearance and Branding panel, you’ll find the option to display the Communitrak logo, the name of your community, or your community’s logo in the navigation bar. Changes are saved in real-time, allowing you to preview each of the options.

Logo options sample

Step 3: Configure Brand Color

Under the Logo setting, you’ll find the option to set the primary color of the platform. Click the color dropdown to select a color. If your community uses a specific color, let us know, and we’ll add it as an option.

Customized color sample

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