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Setting Up Payment Processing

This article is for Community Leaders.
If you are a resident of an HOA that uses Communitrak, we invite you to visit the Resident Support section of our website.

Communitrak allows residents to pay HOA dues online quickly and securely. Payments are quickly captured, organized, and directed to the HOA checking account within 2 business days.

Step 1: Enable the Payments Module

The first step to process payments with Communitrak is enabling the Payments module. To do this, log in to Communitrak as a Community Leader, select Community from the main navigation menu, and then select Financial from the dropdown.

Payment processing is included in all Communitrak plans.

Step 2: Add a Transfer Account

Payments received from residents are automatically routed to your HOA’s external checking account on a daily rolling basis. This flow of funds can travel via two routes:

ACH Bank Transfer: This is the recommended method and requires providing information such as the name on the checking account, routing number, and account number.

Debit Card Transfer: You can alternatively use the checking account’s debit card. There is a $3,000 daily limit for debit card transfers, so for this reason, we recommend linking a bank account to prevent a transfer bottleneck. Note that credit cards and prepaid cards cannot be used.

To add a transfer account, navigate to the Community Financial page and select the Link Checking Account or Link Debit Card button in the Transfer Account card.

Link a Bank Account or Debit Card for incoming payment transfers.


Please note that the bank account or debit card added here will only be used to route funds from payments received by residents. This should not be mistaken for the community’s payment method which is used to pay the monthly subscription for access to Communitrak – found on the Billing tab.

Step 3: Provide Legal Information

In order to operate and collect payments on behalf of your community, we are required to collect legal information about your HOA as well as a named community representative.

Visit the Legal tab under My Community to provide this information.

Legal information about the HOA and a Community Representative is required for processing payments.

Stripe, our payment processing partner, requires all legal information to be correct and accurate. Please ensure all information about your HOA and Community Representative is correct to avoid an interruption in payment processing. Please note that Stripe may also require additional information in order to continue processing payments at any time. We’ll reach out to you via email if additional information is needed.

Step 4: Assess a New Charge

Once you’ve enabled Payments and provided the required information, you can then assess a new charge.

There are two methods to assess a new charge.

  1. Assess a Bulk Charge to a Group of Residents
  2. Assess a Single Charge to a Resident

Step 5: Receive Payments

Once a resident submits payment for a charge, the payment is processed and transferred to your HOA’s checking account within 2 business days. Note that the very first transfer upon account opening may take 7-10 business days. Subsequent transfers should only take 2 business days to process and land in your checking account.

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