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The Black Curtain

This article is for Community Leaders.
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What is the Black Curtain?

The “Black Curtain” feature is a unique and innovative solution that provides a seamless transition for community residents when joining the platform. This feature allows residents to create their accounts but temporarily prevents them from logging in while community leaders finish preparing the platform for use. The Black Curtain serves as a barrier, ensuring that residents only have access to the platform once all the necessary preparations have been made and the platform is fully functional. This allows for a smooth and efficient rollout of the platform, ensuring that residents have a positive experience and can start using the platform to its full potential from day one.

Enabling & Disabling the Black Curtain

  1. Navigate to the Community Preferences page by selecting Community and Preferences from the main navigation menu.
  2. In the General Settings card, you’ll find a toggle that allows you to enable or disable the Black Curtain.
General Settings
General Settings

Important to Note

It is up to community leaders to notify residents when the Black Curtain has been disabled and residents are clear to log in as no notification is sent upon disabling the feature.

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