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Using the Violations Module

This article is for Community Leaders.
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With Communitrak’s intuitive and powerful Violations module, the process of managing and assigning violations to residents or households becomes seamless and efficient. This article will walk you through the simple steps required to create and assign a violation, ensuring that your community’s rules and regulations are upheld with ease. Let’s dive in and explore how Communitrak empowers you to handle violations effectively, thereby fostering a thriving and well-managed homeowner association.

Creating a New Violation

To create a new violation, follow the workflow below.

Note that an email notification, including a summary of the violation, will be sent to the residents of the selected impacted household immediately upon creating the violation.

Communitrak will send email notifications to all members on the Violation’s watchlist any time the violation is updated with a new comment, file upload, or status change. Note that you may add new members to the Watchlist as needed.

Commenting on a Violation

The Comment feature allows Watchlist members to add comments to violations, facilitating communication and collaboration during the resolution process. Keep all discussions in one place for efficient and peaceful resolutions within your community.

Communitrak will send an email notification to all members on the watchlist whenever a new comment is added to the violation.

The Watchlist

The Watchlist allows Community Leaders to keep track of and involve members in violation cases. By adding members to the Watchlist, you enable effective communication and collaboration throughout the resolution process. This feature promotes transparency and encourages homeowners to stay informed and participate actively in addressing the violation. With the Watchlist, managing violations becomes a more streamlined and inclusive process, benefiting the entire homeowner association community.

How to Add a Member to the Watchlist

Members added to the watchlist will receive an email notification letting them know they are now included in the violation. They will also begin to receive email notifications for any updates to the violation including comments, file uploads, and status changes.

Uploading Files, Photos, and Documents

Members of the Watchlist can upload files, photos, and documents to the Violation as supporting evidence or verification of completion. The following workflow will show you how to upload files to a violation.

The Audit Trail

The audit trail provides a comprehensive log of every activity for each violation, including creation, comments, file uploads, edits, and status changes. Stay informed, accountable, and ensure transparency throughout the resolution process for your homeowner association community.

Marking a Violation as Complete

As a Community Leader, you have the authority to signify when a violation has been addressed and resolved satisfactorily. By marking a violation as complete, it serves as a record of its resolution status, keeping all parties informed. Additionally, the “Completed” status indicates that the violation case has been fully settled, allowing you to maintain an organized and up-to-date violations log.

Members added to the watchlist will receive an email notification letting them know the violation has been marked as complete.

Email Notifications

Email notifications are sent for every update, including new comments, file uploads, and status changes related to each violation. Stay informed and connected with the ongoing resolution process, ensuring seamless communication within your homeowner association community. Refer to the screenshot below for a glimpse of how these notifications keep you updated.

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